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11. The habits of highly productive people

Why are some people so productive and successful at managing their time? In this class, you'll see how the habit cycle works, and learn to break bad habits and develop news habits. And we'll investigate the three S's of productivity.

10. The Energy Pot & getting into flow

This online training workshop shows you what refills your energy pot, and what drains it. The video class looks at how to overcome distractions, and which energy sapping activities to avoid.

9. Time Management Thinking Traps

In this online workshop, you'll learn how to tailor your working schedule so it works for you. You'll also investigate your unconscious drivers - those core beliefs and attitudes, which have far-reaching consequences for the way we manage our time.

8. Working with others – your urgent v my urgent

To stay focused on your urgent, you must learn to say NO. This workshop gives advice and tips on managing up, saying no, as well as meeting management.

7. Working with others – delegation & influencing

Delegation is not just a matter of getting work off our plate and onto somebody else’s. You want to get the job done by the right person, to the highest standard, at the right time. In this online workshop, you learn several delegation tips as well as how to adapt your delegation approach for different people. You'll also learn how to influence people so you get what you want - something a lot of our clients fail to do!

6. Escape the email vortex

Emails can be a time draining, energy-sucking vortex. In this e learning class, you'll gain tips and advice on how to deal with emails efficiently, and stop them from dominating your time.

5. Escape the mobile phone trap

While our phones are small hi-tech miracles they are also time-sucking, distraction traps. (46% of Americans – and 66% of millennials — confess to checking their phone before getting out of bed each morning - need we say more!) This online class comes with a test to see just how addicted you are to your phone. It also has useful tips and advice to help you take control of your phone usage, and how to use your phone wisely.

4. Time management systems

In this video workshop, we show you how to organise and file your emails, project work and to-do-lists. There's no silver bullet for time management — it's about doing the boring, mundane, yet effective things relentlessly, and that means processes. You need to decide what information you need to have, and then you need to set up a system to make sure it’s collected and stored consistently.

3. Manic Monkey to Strategic Visionary

We never just have one thing to focus on but loads, so this online video class is all about prioritisation. Combining the tips, skills and knowledge from Drotter’s Pipeline and Covey’s matrix, you’ll learn how to master prioritisation. Prioritisation is one of the most misunderstood and misused of the time management skills, but get it right and your time management improves rapidly.