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7. How to deal with passive aggressives

In this online module, you'll learn how to deal with one particularly difficult, slippery type of individual: the passive aggressive. You'll see how to spot their behaviour, and crucially, how to deal with them.

3: The four political animals

At work we have two goals: our organisation’s goals; and our own personal goals. The way in which our behaviour affects these two goals will determine if your behaviour is going to help your career or hold it back, which of the four political animals you’re being at any given time - and whether you survive or thrive in workplace politics.

7. How to identify stakeholders & assess their levels of power & influence

To plan your career path long-term you need to think about building a network of people who have influence. And in this online video, you’ll learn the process for doing this: first, you need to identify all your stakeholders;  second, you need to assess how much power each stakeholder has. Psychologists John French and Bertram Raven identified several factors that contribute to someone’s level of power, and in this online video you’ll see what these factors are and how they affect workplace politics.