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6. Physical presence

Your posture and your body language send out message to others about your attitude, levels of engagement and emotional state. We provide tips on what body langue to avoid. This video also shows you how to gesticulate with your hands to get across 5 different types of message to your audience.

6. Physical presence

Length: 5 minutesTutor: Sonia Gavira

5. How to deal with interruptions

Interruptions can be very annoying, to say the least. Here we provide practical tips on how to deal with interruptions, including suggestions on exactly what to say.

4. The Power of Questions

Asking the right question, at the right time, is often just as powerful as putting across an opinion. This video explores the five key questions that can be used in meetings - including the Impact Question.

3. Impact is Golden – The key skill of listening

A common mistake in meetings is to think you need to be talking all the time to make an impact. In this video we explore the impact and importance of good listening.

2. Pre-meeting preparation

There are four types of meetings. This video will show you how to prepare differently for each type. It will also help you identify why you are invited to a meeting, and how to set outcomes for meetings.

1. The three types of impact

In this video we explore what mindset and attitudes people making positive impact in meetings have. We also look at the attitudes and beliefs of those who make no impact, and those making a negative impact in meetings.

10. How to use self care to build self esteem

Many people worry that looking after themselves is somehow self indulgent and selfish - other people should always come first. This video explores how to look after others we must first look after ourselves. We explore what good self care looks like. We finish with the importance of taking meaningful action to improve self esteem and self confidence, and we leave you with a list of our top tips for building greater self esteem.

9. Your shadow

When we ignore our shadow – all the stuff we’re repressing or denying - then this puts your unconscious shadow in the driving seat. This video explores the concept of our shadow, and how we can build healthier self esteem through self acceptance - how we can learn to live and accept the parts of us that we dislike or that embarrass us.

9. Your shadow

Length: 19 minutesTutor: Peter Willis

8. Your inner critic – From self-sabotage to self-acceptance

We all have an inner critic whose dialogue with us is nothing but criticism and negative self-talk. For much of the time, the inner critic is unconscious. This video shows you how to reveal your inner critic and takes you through a 4-step process to stop him/her from putting you down.