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9. Wipe out the weasel words

One of the biggest challenges my female leaders and clients face is that they allow their negative thoughts to control their lives. These thoughts lead to women using limp, non committal, apologetic words and language, which does little for a women's confidence in the business place. This online class shows you how to speak with more purpose and confidence.

8. The silencing of women

Language is arguably the most powerful tool we have, and it can be used as a force for good or it can completely undermine us. Since Greek times a major way of discriminating against women was to silence them. So we need to start owning and celebrating the voice of women. Even down to the pitch and tone. Even Margaret thatcher is known to have had voice training to lower her voice to add a tone of authority. This video talk about how women can start speaking up and trusting our own voice, and how successful women have done this.

7. Strength comes from within

This module looks at how women need to define what they want, what’s important to them and then block out distractions. It looks at how women take ownership of themselves and their career, how to believe in themselves and how to stop looking for validation from the mostly male work environment.

6. Overcoming objectification

Instead of defining ourselves in relation to gender stereotypes, female managers and leaders need to focus on behaving in ways that advance the purposes for which they stand. This online video looks how you can use your locus of control to overcome objectification, as well as some tips for how to counter sexist comments about your appearance.

5. Beware the boxes

There are six separate labels women have pinned to them — six stereotypical female boxes they are placed into. By becoming aware of the box you’re being placed in, you can better understand the perceptions people have of you — or rather the stereotype others are projecting on to you.

5. Beware the boxes

Length: 8 minutesTutor: Marie Willis

4. Correcting our own internal bias

This online video gets you thinking about how to correct your internal biases by exploring ways you can challenge your thinking.

3. Even women are biased against women

It’s not just men who can be biased against women — women are too! This online video show studies that support the notion that women in the workplace are not helping themselves through their own unconscious gender biases.

2. Sexism is alive and kicking

Did you know that only 26 women are in CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies — that’s a mere 5.2%. This online video shows some startling statistics about women in leadership roles, facts and figures to show that sexism is alive and kicking in the workplace, and that gender equality in the workplace has a long way to go.

1. Why women are in a lose-lose situation

If men make money or are powerful, they win. Women are somehow supposed to be above that yet women are left with all the responsibility of running a home and succeeding at work while having no real understanding of what success looks like. This video poses a new definition.