How to break out of a negative cycle of stress

The cycle of stress  When stress spills over into exhaustion and people suffer anxiety, panic and ange...Read More

Why self care is intrinsically linked to your self esteem & self confidence

Many of us worry about being selfish. We’ve been brought up with the notion that taking care of others...Read More

Which political animal are you? The four political animals that roam our offices

There are four political animals in the workplace – three of which are either Machiavellian, sui...Read More

The four types of nightmare boss

There isn’t just one type of nightmare boss out there: there are ones who are aggressive; some who are...Read More

How to make an impact in meetings

When I’m asked by HR and L&D people to coach someone to improve their impact, it’s almost always t...Read More

How low self esteem develops in childhood

In the video, I discuss Carl Rogers’ theory-of-self model, which explains how a gap between who we thi...Read More

Why it’s important to differentiate between self confidence and self esteem

When taking a coaching brief from HR or L&D professionals, one of the most common coaching goals i...Read More

Even women are biased against women in the workplace

It’s not just men who are sexist — women are too! I want you to imagine a scenario… A father and son g...Read More

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