How to spot & deal with passive aggressives

“Behind the smile, a hidden knife!”, Chinese proverb. Ever had a colleague or direct repor...Read More

Why playing to your strengths builds self esteem — and reaps greater rewards than fixing weaknesses

  “My feedback tells me I spend too long in the detail — that said, it’s key to my job role...Read More

9 ways to tackle your inner critic

When you mess up in a meeting, or you’re out at a party and you feel uncomfortable around someone, or ...Read More

Lessons from London and Windsor triathlon winner

Unchain Your Brain has worked with London and Windsor triathlon winner, ex-triathlete and Iron Man com...Read More

How to make an effective apology – and why making one is good for your self development

Why making an apology is difficult I was recently delivering conflict management training at an invest...Read More

Self esteem requires self compassion – without it narcissim or self critisicm takes over

Many of us say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dream of saying to our best friend – or even...Read More

Self esteem and playing personas. Bowie, Ziggy Stardust & Churchill

A lot of coaching in organisations is helping people deal with organisational change or change of role...Read More

Why was a 19 year old lottery-winner so keen to spend his entire winnings as fast as possible?

Michael Carroll wasn’t the first lottery-winner to come to the attention of the press for blowin...Read More

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