Are you your hardest critic? Why you should show compassion to yourself this Valentines – not just others

Many of us say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dream of saying to our best friend – or even...Read More

When is it OK to play-act being someone else – and when does it hold you back? Bowie, Ziggy Stardust & Churchill

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Why was a 19 year old lottery-winner so keen to spend his entire winnings as fast as possible?

Michael Carroll wasn’t the first lottery-winner to come to the attention of the press for blowin...Read More

Crapbook – how to stop social media seriously damaging your self esteem

Social media connects us, get us talking and sharing – right? In 2004 Facebook’s mission stateme...Read More

Going back to work after Xmas – tips on how to cope

Suddenly your alarm clock goes off and in the dark you fumble around for the off-switch. You haul your...Read More

How to ensure your New Year’s resolutions don’t fail this year

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions but fail to keep them. We describe some vague change we want bu...Read More

How to switch off over Christmas

This year, with Christmas and Boxing Days falling midweek, some of our clients are taking the week off...Read More

How to really listen to improve working relationships with colleagues and clients

In this video, Marie discusses the principle of ‘unconditional positive regard’.  But how ...Read More

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