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  • by Peter Willis 12 Lessons £199.00

    How to deal with Difficult People & Manage Conflict

    While a lot of courses teach you what to say and how to behave with difficult people and when handling conflict, this online course also addresses the most critical part: your mindset. Without first changing your mindset and attitudes, any new skills will simply melt under the pressure of a conflict situation or when handling difficult people. So on this conflict management course, you'll gain great insights into the psychology of human behaviour.

    by Peter Willis 12 Lessons £199.00

  • by Marie Willis 12 Lessons £199.00

    How to Deal with Your Nightmare Boss

    Difficult, nightmare boss? This online course provides you with strategies and tips for dealing with awful bosses and managers. Learn how to deal with the four types of bad boss, key skills for managing up, how to approach nightmare bosses with the right mindset, develop new perspectives and how to step out of unhelpful ‘roles’ and ‘games’. This online course is for those seeking to claw back some control and regain their confidence and sanity. So take responsibility – and don’t let your nightmare boss win!

    by Marie Willis 12 Lessons £199.00

  • by Marie Willis 11 Lessons £199.00

    How to Make Time for What Really Matters – Time management course

    This online time management course will help you move from feeling that things are complex and chaotic to simple and orderly. It will help you stop wasting your energy and to focus on your urgent. You'll learn how to slow down to speed up so you get more done in less time. And if you lead others, you'll learn what leaders should - and shouldn't - be spending their time focusing on. We'll also show you how to set up certain habits used by the highest performers in the world.

    by Marie Willis 11 Lessons £199.00

  • by Peter Willis 10 Lessons £179.00

    How to Build Unbreakable Confidence

    Many courses aimed at building self esteem and self confidence use quick-fix exercises, such as NLP visualisations or affirmations - these might boost self confidence temporarily but they provide no long term change. Building self esteem is a long-haul process. This online course seeks to unearth your unconscious and deep-rooted causes of low self esteem, and provide you with the knowledge and skills to become more self-directing and self-accepting.

    by Peter Willis 10 Lessons £179.00

  • by Sonia Gavira 9 Lessons £199.00

    How to de-stress yourself & your team: Stress Management and Resilience

    This online training workshop will help you to regain clarity, control and calm. You'll reduce your stress and anxiety, and rebuild confidence in your ability to cope. And if you're responsible for managing others, you learn the best ways to listen and talk to people with stress at work so they respond effectively.

    by Sonia Gavira 9 Lessons £199.00

  • by Sonia Gavira 7 Lessons £69.88 £49.99

    How to Make an Impact in Meetings

    £69.88 £49.99
    This e learning training workshop is short, yet packed full of handy tips, advice and exercises to help you make meetings more productive, to help you influence key decision makers, to get you noticed and to give you a voice.

    by Sonia Gavira 7 Lessons £69.88 £49.99

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