About us

We write all our own online courses – and star in them!

  • We’re a leadership academy delivering online video courses for managers and leaders.
  • We’re not a hub, like Udemy or Coursera, which hosts others’ ad-hoc courses – all of our online training courses are written by us, Unchain Your Brain’s trainers.
  • We’re highly experienced and highly qualified trainers and coaches. We’ve all worked in multinationals and bring real-life case studies from our own coaching, training and workshops – and careers before becoming full-time coaches and trainers.
  • By writing and delivering all the workshops in-house, this ensures we provide you with consistent, high-quality course material – and material we know is relevant because it’s drawn from issues our clients tell us they need help with, time and time again.

Our courses draw on case studies & experience from working with over 40 global organisations

Unchain your Brain is the brain-child of parent-company, Lequin Leadership Development, an international training, coaching and business psychology company.

These courses are born out of the experiences of working with leaders and managers, in businesses and organisations around the world, that need their people to develop practical skills and, very often, change the way their people think. We know the issues leaders and managers face and these courses have been designed to address them, and targeted at this level – we don’t talk down to people.

The case studies, and many of the ideas we share with you in our online workshops, are drawn from our experiences working at Lequin, which counts among its clients:

  1. Lloyds of London
  2. BHP Billiton
  3. BNP Paribas
  4. HSBC PB
  5. National Australia Bank
  6. AXA
  7. BBC
  8. RWE
  9. Innogy
  10. Npower
  11. Thames Water
  12. Christies
  13. GE Money
  14. Capita
  15. Thring Townsend
  16. Oxford Instruments
  17. SEGRO
  18. Pepsico
  19. Future Publishing
  20. Dennis Publishing
  21. Welsh Water
  22. Debenhams
  23. B&Q
  24. ASDA
  25. George
  26. Somerfield
  27. Clarks
  28. Comet
  29. Ericsson
  30. Equity Insurance
  31. Givaudan
  32. Towers Watson
  33. Skipton Building Society
  34. Unite Students
  35. Averon Energy
  36. Telecom Plus
  37. Yell
  38. Zurich
  39. Avon Fire Brigade
  40. BUPA
  41. NHS
  42. Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Tutor support to provide one to one learning

With all of our paid-for online training courses, a tutor is available to answer your questions and provide support.

Our online courses are filmed & edited by a professional production company

All our online training videos are filmed and produced by a professional film-production company Suited & Booted based here in Bath. This means you get to see gorgeous graphics and near-perfect sound – ensuring no distractions and the smoothest of online learning experiences. There’s no home-made, self-shot videos here!

Our online courses combine case studies, psychology, psychotherapy, leadership theory & neuroscience

Unchain Your Brain is aimed at leaders and managers in the workplace. We combine the best-practice development techniques, with psychology, various forms of therapy – such as cognitive therapy, person-centred therapy, and existential therapy – with cutting-edge leadership theory, the latest research in the field of personal self development and training, as well as research findings in the field of neuroscience.

The courses are practical and pragmatic. We want things to change for you, so throughout the courses we ask you to apply what you’ve learnt back both in and out of the workplace.

How to get most out of the online courses

Be curious! Be curious about how things could be better, about new ideas, be curious about yourself and why you are the way you are. So when you listen to any of our online courses, listen with positive intent and with the curiosity of a child, because this openness will help you change the way you might think, feel and behave.

We all see these great talks on TED, and we think yeah, wow, cool idea. Then we go back to our jobs and our lives and nothing changes. So our online courses have loads of questions for self-reflection and to help you future pace how you will change. That’s why we like to call them online workshops — rather than online courses.

These online courses can change your life — or not — it all depends on you and what you do with them.

We’ve made it easy for you, we’ve got a ton of brilliant ideas and coaching questions but if you don’t do the work and take the action and commit to being different no matter how great the online course was nothing will change for you.

And if you have any questions, you can email the tutor who will be on hand to provide support.


Are the online classes open to everyone?

Yes, all our online training courses are open and available to everyone who wants to get ahead in the workplace. Our online courses are aimed at those in work looking to upskill – but they’d also be invaluable if you’re returning to world or on maternity leave, or if you’re looking to start working in the corporate world.

How long does online training course take?

The online courses are not timed – you complete them in your own time.

The length of videos are listed on each course, and we recommend you spend time completing the exercises and answering the questions within the online training videos as well the written material in the form of the Practical Next Steps Kit.

Do I get a certificate on completion of the online course?

Yes, on completion each of our online courses you will receive a course certificate. Our online classes will not currently earn you any accredited CPD hours, though this is something we are looking to provide, shortly.

What do the training courses cost?

Prices for each e-learning course vary. We only provide free online courses from time to time for limited periods.