How to Deal with Your Nightmare Boss

Difficult, nightmare boss? This online course provides you with strategies and tips for dealing with awful bosses and managers. Learn how to deal with the four types of bad boss, key skills for managing up, how to approach nightmare bosses with the right mindset, develop new perspectives and how to step out of unhelpful ‘roles’ and ‘games’. This online course is for those seeking to claw back some control and regain their confidence and sanity. So take responsibility – and don’t let your nightmare boss win!

What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn how to deal with each of the four types of bad boss - the Hippo, the Gorilla, the Snake, and the Ostrich

You’ll learn the three truths about managing up

How to approach your nightmare boss with the right mindset and how to develop new perspectives

How to identify the psychological games poor bosses play, the 'roles' they put you in, and how to step out of these destructive and unhelpful roles and games

The bully boss. The ineffective, disorganised boss. The over-promoted confrontational boss. The unpredictable, Machiavellian boss. In this online course, you'll learn how to deal with these four types of bad boss. You'll learn techniques and skills for managing up, and how to get into the right mindset to deal with your poor boss. You'll also learn which ‘roles’ many people fall into when dealing with their managers. And you'll understand some of the ‘games’ each boss likes to play and how to counter them. 65% of us would prefer to fire our boss than get a pay rise. So, you’re not alone, and these online classes are for those seeking to claw back some control and regain their confidence and sanity.  


1. The four types of nightmare boss

Each of the four types of nightmare boss have different characteristics and demonstrate classic behaviours. We investigate how they give feedback, set objectives, what they are like in meetings, and how they behave under stress.

2. The three truths about managing up

When you understand the three truths to managing up, you can change your mindset. This puts you in a much more empowered place – it will help you take personal responsibility and to drive constructive change.

3. Solution One: Reframe

Often what we think our boss wants is not really what he’s after! In this video class, Marie talks through an example of how a client didn’t give their boss the answer she was after, and how you can get beneath the surface to better understand what your boss really wants.

4. Solution Two: Know your PACs

We use a model from transactional analysis to help you better understand relationship dynamics, and how certain roles are being played out in manager to direct report relationships. We show you how changing these roles will change how you are treated by your boss for the better.

5. Solution Three: Get out of the triangle

We show you a second model to illustrate how dysfunctional interactions in relationships play out and why. Then we show you how to remove yourself from the dynamic by reframing your role. It’s a very handy tool for taking back personal responsibility and empowering yourself to improve relationships and your self esteem.

6. Solution Four: We are not the same

If you’ve an opposite-sex boss, you need to understand how certain behaviours (some of which maybe unconscious on your part) can threaten them – and the likely defence responds your boss will take. We show how women can emasculate men, and men can threaten women – and how to avoid it.

7. Solution Five: Get some perspective

It’s not always possible to save every relationship. This exercise helps you weigh up the pros and cons of staying in your current job role, reporting to your current boss.

8. Tools for dealing with the Hippo boss

This video workshop has tools and techniques for dealing with the Hippo boss

9. Tools with dealing with the Gorilla boss

In this online video class, we look at tips and advice for dealing with a Gorilla boss

10. Tools for dealing with the Snake boss

In this video we look at tips, techniques and advice for dealing with the Snake boss

11. Tools for dealing with the Ostrich boss

This video class gives you tips, techniques and advice on how to deal with an Ostrich boss

12. Final thoughts for surviving your nightmare boss

This final video workshop reviews what mindset, skill set and action set you’re going to embed going forward. The workshop also covers how to look after yourself, including coping strategies and how to build resilience.

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