How to Make an Impact in Meetings

What Will I Learn?

How you should prepare for the four types of meetings

How to truly listen & how to ask impactful questions, including the Impact Question

How to deal with interruptions

How to develop your physical presence and impact through improved body language and hand gestures, and knowing where to sit in meetings

This online video training course aims to help you build confidence in meetings – not by teaching you what to say (though we do give some tips on this), but upskilling you in the key skills of: listening and questioning; dealing with interruptions; teaching you what body language to use when; and the importance of being passionate and having a purpose. Improving your impact and presence in meetings can be quite straightforward, and this online training workshop is short yet packed full of handy tips, advice and exercises. These training videos will help you make meetings more productive, help you influence decision makers, and give you a voice.    


1. The three types of impact

In this video we explore what mindset and attitudes people making positive impact in meetings have. We also look at the attitudes and beliefs of those who make no impact, and those making a negative impact in meetings.

2. Pre-meeting preparation

There are four types of meetings. This video will show you how to prepare differently for each type. It will also help you identify why you are invited to a meeting, and how to set outcomes for meetings.

3. Impact is Golden – The key skill of listening

A common mistake in meetings is to think you need to be talking all the time to make an impact. In this video we explore the impact and importance of good listening.

4. The Power of Questions

Asking the right question, at the right time, is often just as powerful as putting across an opinion. This video explores the five key questions that can be used in meetings – including the Impact Question.

5. How to deal with interruptions

Interruptions can be very annoying, to say the least. Here we provide practical tips on how to deal with interruptions, including suggestions on exactly what to say.

6. Physical presence

Your posture and your body language send out message to others about your attitude, levels of engagement and emotional state. We provide tips on what body langue to avoid. This video also shows you how to gesticulate with your hands to get across 5 different types of message to your audience.

6. Physical presence

Length: 5 minutesTutor: Sonia Gavira

7. Presence, passion & purpose

Real impact, not only in meetings, comes from have a clearly defined purpose. This lesson helps you define your purpose. It also provides tips and advice on how to show your enthusiasm and passion to others in meetings.

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