Sonia Gavira


Hi, I’m Sonia Gavira and I’m one of the course instructors at Unchain your Brain and its sister company, Lequin Leadership Development.

I’ve been coaching now for nearly 20 years and more or less full-time since qualifying as an NLP coach in 2005. I’ve worked with leaders, graduates and just about everyone in between in a wide range of organisations from BNP Paribas, American Express and Ford, to my local jewellers and my local school.

Before fully immersing myself in a coaching and development career, I was a marketing director in a number of global companies, and I continue to be very commercially and strategically focussed.

I’m passionate about the human side of everything we do in business and helping to develop leaders in all walks of life excel. And like all development journeys, this starts with yourself, so I’m really passionate about learning and continuing my own leadership journey so that I can continue to help others.

I have worked with clients who’ve gone on to be promoted where they work, moved to different companies to sometimes bigger roles, and sometimes, just different roles they were better suited for.

I’ve had teams report back how much better they were getting on and how much more they got done, and I’ve had clients talk to me about how much the coaching has helped them at home, let alone at work.

It’s always a privilege to be trusted by these people to help them achieve their work and life goals. And I hope to have the chance to work with you on one of our courses.


  • by Sonia Gavira 9 Lessons £130.00

    How to de-stress yourself & your team: Stress Management and Resilience

    This online training workshop will help you to regain clarity, control and calm. You'll reduce your stress and anxiety, and rebuild confidence in your ability to cope. And if you're responsible for managing others, you learn the best ways to listen and talk to people with stress at work so they respond effectively.

    by Sonia Gavira 9 Lessons £130.00

  • by Sonia Gavira 7 Lessons £35.00

    How to Make an Impact in Meetings

    This online video training course aims to help you build confidence in meetings – not by teaching you what to say (though we do give some tips on this), but upskilling you in the key skills of: listening and questioning; dealing with interruptions; teaching you what body language to use when; and the importance of being passionate and having a purpose. Improving your impact and presence in meetings can be quite straightforward, and this online training workshop is short yet packed full of handy tips, advice and exercises. These training videos will help you make meetings more productive, help you influence decision makers, and give you a voice.    

    by Sonia Gavira 7 Lessons £35.00