Peter Willis


Hi, I’m Peter Willis and I’m one of the course designers, course instructors and a co-founder of Unchain Your Brain and its sister company, Lequin Leadership Development, an international training, coaching, profiling and business psychology company.

After a career in publishing and marketing, I started working as a coach in 2005. I’ve coached leaders within multinationals such as Clarks, National Australia Bank, Npower, Innogy, Lloyds of London, BHP Billiton, BNP Paribas CIB, Thames Water, Dennis Publishing, and HSBC, as well as a number of charities, including WWT, and schools. So I’ve experienced a wide range of organisational cultures, and helped people with a range of coaching goals.

I’ve a psychology and sociology background, and my main interests and expertise are in relationship management, improving self-esteem, and helping people develop authenticity. I’m passionate about empowering others by helping them step back from seeking to live up to others’ expectations and to find for themselves their own intrinsic worth, values and strengths. In my work, I draw on person-centred therapy, positive psychology, gestalt coaching, existential coaching, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Jungian therapy.

My philosophy is that to have a healthy level of self-esteem and emotional health, we need to find and be our real self – it’s from here that we can start to bring direction, clarity of thought, effective leadership and passion into our work and lives.


  • by Peter Willis 17 Lessons £125.00

    How to Engage & Influence Stakeholders through Ethical Office Politics

    This online course will give you the skills to engage and influence stakeholders. It will also show that politics in the workplace are necessary to get results, and that handling office politics can be done ethically – without compromising your integrity or values.

    by Peter Willis 17 Lessons £125.00

  • by Peter Willis 13 Lessons £130.00

    How to deal with Difficult People & Manage Conflict

    While a lot of courses teach you what to say and how to behave with difficult people and when handling conflict, this online course also addresses the most critical part: your mindset. Without first changing your mindset and attitudes, any new skills will simply melt under the pressure of a conflict situation or when handling difficult people. So on this conflict management course, you'll gain great insights into the psychology of human behaviour.

    by Peter Willis 13 Lessons £130.00

  • by Peter Willis 10 Lessons £130.00

    How to Build Unbreakable Confidence

    Many courses aimed at building self esteem and self confidence use quick-fix exercises, such as NLP visualisations or affirmations - these might boost self confidence temporarily but they provide no long term change. Building self esteem is a long-haul process. This online course seeks to unearth your unconscious and deep-rooted causes of low self esteem, and provide you with the knowledge and skills to become more self-directing and self-accepting.

    by Peter Willis 10 Lessons £130.00