Marie Willis


Hi, I’m Marie and I’m one of the co-founders, course designer and tutors for

I’ve been working in the field of self development since 2003, when I co-founded Unchain Your Brain parent company, Lequin Leadership Development to help companies create world-class leaders and teams.

It’s been a genuinely interesting, fascinating journey. I’ve coached senior leaders from around the world and in a diverse range of international organisations, including: senior leaders at BBC Property, RWE, Disney, the board of Dennis Publishing, board members of GE Money, the board at Future Publishing, and board members of SEGRO (FTSE 100 property company). I’ve also worked at all levels at Npower, RWE IT, RWE Innogy, Thames Water, Welsh Water, BNP Paribas CIB, Tower Watson, Avon Fire Brigade, Sainsburys, Pepsico, GE, Vodafone, HSBC PB, and Lloyds TSB.

I trained with Performance Consultants and The Coaches Training Institute, and I’m ICF accredited. I’m also trained in NLP and Therapeutic Art, and have a BSc (First) in Business Management.

Before my career in this field, I worked at Harrods and then Deloitte Consulting. At Deloitte’s I specialised in change management and leadership development, which provided me with an excellent understanding of the issues facing businesses and an appreciation of the benefits and impact of coaching as a tool for motivation and empowerment.

What do people say about my coaching and training? Here’s a testimonial, which I think sums my approach up quite nicely…

“Marie has profound psychological insights into what enables and inhibits performance and well being. She’s robust, challenging – yet tactful and supportive. She helped me build rapport with colleagues and gave me many insights into how I could get the best out of my working relationships. Most importantly, Marie also encouraged me to manage my own well-being to conserve and build my energy levels. This has had an extremely positive impact on my life balance and resilience – and enabled me to perform my role well through a period of change, grow my broader professional relationships, care effectively for my family during a difficult time and improve my own health and fitness too. If you are lucky enough to work with Marie – expect to be surprised by her – as she is modest and unassuming in her style – but also expect her advice, toolkit and support to help you surprise yourself! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Rosemary Beaver, Non-Executive Director and Head of International Regulatory Affairs.

I use the highly regarded Co-Active Coaching model to help employees and leaders reflect, discover possibilities, and unleash their true creativity and potential by developing the confidence to let go of limiting beliefs and learned expectations.


  • by Marie Willis 18 Lessons £125.00

    How to Succeed as a Woman at Work – practical ideas to overcome bias, build confidence & get ahead

    Nearly every female coaching client we have comes to this topic at one time or another — questioning whether it is their very femaleness that’s stopping them succeed. Women who want to make it at work are faced with a range of challenges that many of their male counterparts don’t have an understanding of. It is these issues that are preventing many women from achieving their goal of becoming a leader at their company and diminishing their ability to get ahead in business.

    by Marie Willis 18 Lessons £125.00

  • by Marie Willis 11 Lessons £130.00

    How to Make Time for What Really Matters – Time management course

    This online time management course will help you move from feeling that things are complex and chaotic to simple and orderly. It will help you stop wasting your energy and to focus on your urgent. You'll learn how to slow down to speed up so you get more done in less time. And if you lead others, you'll learn what leaders should - and shouldn't - be spending their time focusing on. We'll also show you how to set up certain habits used by the highest performers in the world.

    by Marie Willis 11 Lessons £130.00

  • by Marie Willis 12 Lessons £125.00

    How to Deal with Your Nightmare Boss

    Difficult, nightmare boss? This online course provides you with strategies and tips for dealing with awful bosses and managers. Learn how to deal with the four types of bad boss, key skills for managing up, how to approach nightmare bosses with the right mindset, develop new perspectives and how to step out of unhelpful ‘roles’ and ‘games’. This online course is for those seeking to claw back some control and regain their confidence and sanity. So take responsibility – and don’t let your nightmare boss win!

    by Marie Willis 12 Lessons £125.00