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18. Can women really have it all?

This video looks at the traits of women leaders and successful women leaders in business. And it explores how female leaders must not allow other people to make them feel bad about their choices, how they need ruthless prioritisation, and know what to focus on.

17. Dealing with sexual harassment

The tricky topic of workplace sexism and harassment has become even more evident in recent years, with women plucking up the courage to share their horrific stories through the #metoo campaign. This online video looks at the three reasons why it can be difficult to speak up about sexual harassment at work, and what you should do if you are being harassed at work.

16. Dealing with the gender pay gap

Statistics show that women earn 76 cents on the dollar compared to men in the US, and 9% less on average in the UK. This online video looks at the tactics you can use to get your pay more in line with your male colleagues

15. Dealing with discrimination for being a mother

In this online video we’re going to look at pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and what you can do about the ongoing discrimination associated with being a working mother.

14. The spectrum of sexual misconduct

This video class looks at a useful scale called the 'Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work'. In the scale there are six levels of sexual misconduct, and this online video looks at what behaviours falls in each part of the scale, and how each should be dealt with from an HR or legal perspective.

13. Focus on what’s important

Women spend a great deal of energy fighting the wrong battle. As women we worry about what we wear, what others think of us, being liked, being good enough and what will happen if we fail. And as a result we don’t focus on what’s really important. This online video looks at two ideas to help you focus on what’s important: focusing on ideas; and avoiding perfectionism.

12. You can’t win, if you don’t play

In this online course module, you’ll learn some key strategies that will help you - and women in the workplace - be in the best position to succeed.

11. Stop emasculating men

There are certain things that women do that make chauvinistic behaviour worse, and one of the key triggers in emasculating men. This online module looks at the ways women emasculate men and what you can do to avoid it.

10. Mastering the balancing act

Women regularly receive performance feedback that seems contradictory: some are told they need to “be tougher” but also to “not set expectations so high.” Or to “be more decisive” but also to “be more collaborative.” There seems to be a choice for women between being RESPECTED and being LIKED. To manage this conflict women are taught to downplay femininity, or to soften a hard-charging style, or to try to strike a perfect balance between the two. So there is this balancing act that women need to master to get to the top - this video shows you how.